Wowwwww everyone puts so much faith in this standardized test…

Like me for instance

It finds colleges that it thinks to be the “right match” when, in all truth, it really isn’t

For one thing-my GPA sucks. Rock bottom stinky and ugly poo like.

But my SAT is a FIERCE contrast to what my grades are-not too shabby, pretty decent lookin and something to be actually proud of

well, instead of me being proud, I think it’s a pain.

Because of it, my college search gets confused from some of the more prestigious schools, to the more weak schools that aren’t that great.

Lets take Texas A and M for instance.

they require a 1300 for Reading and Math, and you’re AUTOMATICALLY accepted.

But heres the catch-you need to be in like the top half or something like that

Well I have a 1500 in reading and math, but sad part is, I’M NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TOP HALF (or was it quarter)?

Anyways, I have a 780 in CR, something most people don’t get (I know, I’m being cocky) and then a crappy writing score (haha I know-complete contrast with most) But anyways.

My GPA sucks. My SAT’s good.

What shall I do?