I’ll just say this about this: it’s a rant, it’s a tirade, if you read it, well, you’ve been warned. Its also my opinion. not yours.

So don’t even think about saying “your wrong” Cuz its an opinion, not a definite “proof”

Alright God

This is my take

People say God is love. People say God is only Love, and not anything else.

People say God is only righteousness, People say God does not exist.

Well, here’s my take.

God is a being, a greater entity, that we can not define.

This is because God is a creator that defines laws, and is not bent under the power of people.

People say God can not exist

Absurd. God can exist, the being “God” (which I will refer to as He, for that is how God is represented) can exist.

He can exist because He can.

He can be a righteous God, a Loving God, a caring God, and one that will allow pain to be brought.

God….isn’t one to let pain get in the way of His plans.

You know why?

Through pain, one can know happiness. 

The fleeting happiness one receives? that is just a glimpse at true happiness.

God is not ONLY Love. God is not ONLY kindness.

God is represented to us as Love, as Jesus Christ.

People do not realize that God is the Judge, the one who turns people into pillars of salts for not listening to Him.

He is a cruel God that let’s his favored ones win.

God is for everyone. God is out there.

It is us who choose to deny or embrace His existence.

Through our own faults, we bring pain upon ourselves

How is there balance? How is there truth? How is there Life?

God is a Supreme being.

It is a NECESSITY to fear him.

Because through fear, we may love him.

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